Monday, March 11, 2013

Spring Break Hiatus

Dear Readers,

We are going to take a brief hiatus during the week of spring break.  We’ll be here to moderate comments and accept submissions, but won’t offer new essays or commentary.

The first four weeks of this new adventure that is the Heithaus Haven have been exciting.  Here are a few summary statistics:

Ø  11 essays and entries have been posted, 2 of them contributed by guests
Ø  25 comments have been offered and shared
Ø  4,602 pageviews have been logged (3 of them from Romania and 2 of them from China)
Ø  The post with the most pageviews, at 607, is Steve Harris’ letter to Thomas Brouster, Chairman of the SLU Board of Trustees.

Thank you readers and guest contributors, for helping the Heithaus Haven get off to such a wonderful start. 

We look forward to more discussion in the comments section, and to more submissions from guest contributors.  We would like to especially encourage submissions from or on behalf of SLU staff members and hourly workers.  We’ll be back with a new post on Monday, March 18.

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