Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Oxonian Idea of a University: The Annual DeLubac Lecture, Wednesday, March 20

18th Annual DeLubac Lecture

The Oxonian Idea of a University:

John Henry Newman’s Formative Oriel Experience

Lecturer: Dr. Peter Nockles, Ph.D.,
Assistant Librarian of Printed Books and Methodist Collections,
Methodist Archives and Research Centre, John Rylands Library, University of Manchester.

7:00pm Wednesday March 20
Saint Louis Room, Busch Student Center

Dr. Peter Nockles is a leading expert in the history of the Oxford Movement and has written extensively on the subject. His publications include the highly acclaimed study, The Oxford Movement in Context: Anglican High Churchmanship, 1760-1857 (1994). He has been a Visiting Fellow at Oriel College, the long-time home of the Anglican John Henry Newman. Nockles is also a major contributor to a new history of Oriel College, Oxford. An introduction to his DeLubac lecture follows below:

Is there a crisis in the modern academy? Has the modern university abandoned the historic ideals of a humane liberal education and of a ‘republic of letters’ for a de-humanizing corporate and utilitarian model rooted in commercial considerations? If so, can the educational ideals of learning for its own sake and for training the mind for a life of service espoused by John Henry Newman in his classic Idea of A University be recaptured and reapplied for the world of today?

This lecture poses such questions and seeks to explore the practical historical roots and context for the genesis of Newman’s vision – his paternal or pastoral notions and practice as a tutor at Oriel College, Oxford, and plans for the revival of the medieval ideals of college life whereby his famous dedication to the importance of personal influence whereby ‘heart speaks to heart’ was best realised; forming the later blueprint for his Dublin lectures that made up his Idea of a University and plans for the new Catholic University which he founded in Ireland.

At a time of uncertainty and challenge, Newman’s vision has a relevance and resonance for the world of the university today, which should be heeded.

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