Monday, 02/11/13: Official Launch

Monday, February 11, 2013. 8:45am.

The Contributing Editors are pleased and excited to announce the launch of the Heithaus Haven.  We invite you to find a home in the Heithaus Haven, as a reader, as a voice in the comments section, as a contributor of commentary.

The Heithaus Haven is an online space for members of the Saint Louis University community to deliberate on the core values of our institution; to consider how we, as an institution, might live out those values in our own internal norms, practices, and structures; and to identify how we, as an institution, have failed to live out those values in our own internal norms, practices, and structures.

Through the provision of an open and public space for dialogue, with focus on how our institution’s internal norms, practices, and structures embody (or fail to embody) its core values, the Heithaus Haven aims to provide a forum for discovery that fosters solidarity across all members of the SLU community through reasoned discourse; and that advances Saint Louis University as a world-class Catholic, Jesuit institution in “pursuit of truth for the greater glory of God and for the service of humanity.”

The Heithaus Haven is named for the Jesuit priest, Claude Heithaus, S.J., whose exemplary courage and calls to conscience led to SLU becoming the first historically-white university in a former slave state to admit African-American students.  The Heithaus Haven further takes its inspiration both from the Heithaus Forum (1999-2002) and, in certain ways, from the work of renewal and reform accomplished by John Henry Newman and his colleagues who published “Tracts for the Times” in the Oxford Movement (1833-45).

February 11, today's official launch date for The Heithaus Haven, is the anniversary of the 1944 homily delivered at College Church by Fr. Heithaus, S.J., in which he denounced racial segregation and called on SLU's leadership to admit African American students.  The text of Fr. Heithaus' homily can be found in The University News, which he helped found.

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In a spirit of collaboration and companionship and with gratitude for the inspiration of Father Claude Heithaus, S.J.,

The Contributing Editors of the Heithaus Haven.
Gregory Beabout
Hal Bush
Robert Cropf
Kathryn Kuhn
Jean Heithaus Monahan
Daniel Monti
Wynne Moskop
Hal Parker (2013 - 2014)
Kenneth Parker
Mark Ruff
Bonnie Wilson