Submission Policy

Submission Policy:
Ordinarily, essays submitted to this site ( should be signed. At times, in the context of particularly sensitive topics, those who submit commentary to the Heithaus Haven may wish their commentary to appear anonymously. The editors are happy to provide an opportunity for anonymous commentary. However, the source of all commentary must be verified. Authors must reveal themselves to at least one of the editors. Authors who are comfortable revealing themselves to the entire group of editors should submit their commentary in the usual way, which is monitored by all of the editors.  Clear indication that the commentary is to appear anonymously should be included.  If an author prefers, he or she may submit a commentary to a single editor, via that editor’s slu email address.  Clear indication that the commentary is to appear anonymously should be included.

Approval for Publication:
As the Heithaus Haven provides a space for the SLU community to engage in open dialogue over the core values and mission of the University, it is important that everyone who participates feels that their views will receive a respectful hearing. In order to ensure civil discourse, the editors ask that all contributors refrain from personal attacks and the use of language that may offend other members of the SLU community. Contributions that fail to meet these minimum standards will not be accepted for publication. Our goal is not to censor genuine debate but to guarantee that all voices are truly honored.

Gregory Beabout (Associate Professor of Philosophy)
Hal Bush (Professor of English)
Robert Cropf (Professor of Political Science)
Kathryn Kuhn (Associate Professor of Sociology and Anthropology)
Jean Heithaus Monahan
Daniel Monti (Professor of  Sociology)
Wynne Moskop (Associate Professor of Political Science)
Kenneth Parker (Associate Professor of Theological Studies)
Mark Ruff (Associate Professor of History)
Bonnie Wilson (Associate Professor of Economics)